Appendix G
Sample Peer Reviewer Report Form (Teaching)


University procedures relating to promotion define teaching as the creation and sustaining of an effective environment for learning. It may include any or all of the following:

Please base this report on your knowledge of the candidate’s teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Other Peer Reviewers will have been contacted about other aspects of the candidate’s work. The candidate has supplied the University with the evidence you need to complete the Report (attached).

Having due regard to the criteria for promotion to the position applied for, please rate the candidate under the headings listed below.

Please leave any section blank where you are unable to respond.

Candidate Details

Curriculum Design

Please comment on the appropriateness and clarity of course learning outcomes (objectives) and the match between learning outcomes, content, teaching methods, learning resources and assessment.

Administration of Teaching

Please comment on the quality of the candidates administrative duties relating to teaching including the quality of information provided to students.

Assessment of Student Learning

Please comment on the quality of assessment tasks such as examinations, assignments, projects etc as relevant to this discipline.


Please comment on the quality of any teaching innovations introduced by the candidate.

Scholarship in Teaching

Please comment on the overall quality of the subject matter taught as a reflection of the scholarship of the candidate.

Further Comments

Please add any other comments which are relevant to the candidate’s teaching.

Reviewer Details