All Ireland Society for Higher Education

Handbook of Enquiry and Problem-based Learning
Irish Case Studies and International Perspectives

Terry Barrett, Iain Mac Labhrainn and Helen Fallon (Editors)

Table of Contents (Download/Read online)

© 2005 Released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 licence.

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Front Matter

Section 1: Understanding Enquiry and Problem-based Learning

Section 2: Designing Enquiry and Problem-based Learning

Section 3: Tutoring Enquiry and Problem-based Learning

Section 4: Assessing Student Learning

Section 5: Listening to Students' Experiences

Section 6: Linking Education to the World of Work

Section 7: Developing, Supporting and Managing Learning Initiatives

Section 8: Reviewing and Researching Learning Initiatives

End Matter