Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter:

Writers' week: a vehicle for collaborative writing among educational developers

Part 1: Working in the changing world of learning and teaching in higher education

The scholarship of teaching and its implications for practice
It works in practice but will it work in theory? The theoretical underpinnings of pedagogy

Part 2: Moving the focus from teaching to learning

Student-centred learning: what does it mean for students and lecturers?
Active learning - from lecture theatre to field-work
Teaching and learning activities: expanding the repertoire to support student learning
What is problem-based learning?
Putting the learning back into learning technology
Do you know what your students are learning? (And do you care?)
Collaborative project-based learning and problem-based learning in higher education: a consideration of tutor and student role in learner-focused strategies
Designing modules for learning

Part 3: Developing and growing as a university teacher

New trends in academic staff development: reflective journals, teaching portfolios, accreditation and professional development
What institutional research can do to support the individual academic
Finding information for your teaching and research work in teaching and learning
A punitive bureaucratic tool or a valuable resource? Using student evaluations to enhance your teaching
The write approach: integrating writing activities into your teaching
Virtually effective: the measure of a learning environment