AISHE Founding Meeting

Minutes of the Founding Meeting
(MS-Word format) of AISHE at UCC, 14 March 2000


Dr Terry Barrett (DIT) Mr Paul Brown (UCD)
Ms Linda Carey (QUB) Dr Joan Hanafin (UCC)
Ms Sylvia Huntley-Moore (TCD) Dr Miriam Kennedy (UCD)
Ms Phil Kenna (DIT) Dr Maeve Lankford (UCC)
Mr Martin Leavey (DCU) Mr Brian McCann (UL)
Ms Marian McCarthy (UCC) Dr Barry McMullin (DCU)
Ms Saranne Magennis (NUIM) Dr Sarah Moore (UL)
Dr Grace Neville (UCC) Dr John Panter (TCD) (Chair)
Dr Anne Rath (UCC) Dr Norma Ryan (UCC)
Dr Manfred Schewe (UCC) Mr Brian Thornburgh (TCD)

Adoption of Constitution

The Meeting considered a Draft Constitution which had been circulated previously. After lengthy debate and after a number of amendments were made, it was resolved:

That the Draft Constitution as amended be adopted

The Constitution as adopted is attached to these Minutes

Election of Executive Committee

In accordance with Clause 4f of the Constitution, the following were elected to the first Executive Committee:

President Dr Barry McMullin
Vice-President Dr John Panter
Secretary Ms Linda Carey
Treasurer Mr Paul Brown
Members Dr Terry Barrett Ms Carmel Browne (to be confirmed)
Dr Joan Hanafin Ms Saranne Magennis
Dr Sarah Moore Dr Grace Neville (to be confirmed)

Membership Fees

In accordance with Clause 6a of the Constitution, it was resolved:

That the initial Membership Fee be IE£30 per annum

The Meeting Closed at 4.30pm.

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