Here we provide a somewhat eclectic selection of links relating to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – as suggested by AISHE members. If you would like to suggest your own favourite sites, please email to, including a brief text explaining each link, and they will be considered for inclusion in future revisions.

Where a link has explanatory text below, this is either credited to the person who suggested the reference, or, if no credit is indicated, then the text has been derived verbatim from material at the target site.

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Selected Online Readings

General Online Resources & Forums

  • Learning and Teaching Information Resource Toolkit(PDF format, 1MB download)This is a poster, presented at the AISHE Conference 2009, by Helen Fallon of NUIM and Ellen Breen of DCU, which provides an excellent and concise guide to sourcing information to support teaching in higher education. Well worth printing and posting on any departmental notice board!
  • Research Skill Development for Curriculum Design and Development (RSD)The RSD framework was featured in an invited keynote presentation by John Willison at the AISHE Conference 2009. In summary:

    The RSD framework is a conceptual model for academics, tutors, teachers and students to use in discipline-specific and context-specific ways. It […] describes and informs the coherent, explicit and efficient development of student research skills, with examples here from both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  • Stephen’s Web:

    Founded in 1995, Stephen’s Web is best described as a digital research laboratory for innovation in the use of online media in education. More than just a site about online learning, it is intended to demonstrate new directions in the field for practitioners and enthusiasts.


    Moodle is a course management system (CMS) – a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities. You can download and use it on any computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a single-teacher site to a 50,000-student University. Moodle has a large and diverse user community with over 130,000 registered users on this site alone.

  • Assessment:

    A collection of resources on third-level assessment hosted by the School of Business & Humanities, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland.

  • DeLiberations:

    DeLiberations is designed to act as a resource for educational developers, librarians, academic staff and managers in education, with material arranged by Discipline and by Educational Issue; and as a forum for readers to discuss and develop ideas, and identify resources that will aid their work.

  • Instructional Technology Connections.Martin Ryder. University of Colorado at Denver, School of Education.

    A large and well organised directory of online resources on education.

  • Learners and Learning.James Atherton.

    These pages are largely about theories of learning in a post-school educational context. They are designed to provide a “quick and dirty” overview and introduction to the field, so anyone who knows anything about the ideas already will certainly find over-simplifications. Wherever possible, however, references are provided for further – more reliable – reading. Moreover, the selection of material is personal and in some cases downright idiosyncratic. But there is a point to providing such an overview, and particularly in a hypertext format, which is to make clear the shape of the field, and to help the teacher to orient her- or himself to how the ideas fit together or provide conflicting models.

  • Kilroy’s College

    Adult education institution with a wide variety of practical distance-learning diploma courses. A personal tutor system helps students learning from home. (Submitted by Flora Simms

  • Mailbase Discussion Lists.

    Mailbase provides electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education community. We currently have 3,106 discussion lists, and 224,793 members worldwide. (See also the specific list of mailbase education topics.)


  • AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

    AISHE-J is an open-access, peer-reviewed, journal of scholarly research into Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

  • AISHE Readings

    An occasional series of scholarly publications in the field of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

  • Education & Living (at

    Derived from the weekly Education & Living supplement of The Irish Times. Good content; but the relationship with the print edition is unnecessarily obscure (specifically, the print publication date of the articles is not apparent).

  • The Times Higher Education Supplement – Internet Service (THESIS)

    Not the THES “online”, but rather a supplement to it. Implemented as a rather complex site with hi-tech bells and whistles (that lo-tech browsers may have trouble with!) and disappointingly little hard content.

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Similar concept to the THES service, but significantly better implementation. Clean design, with no nasty frames or javascript; and worthwhile content even for non-subscribers (subscribers to the print edition can register for additional online services). Of course, it is somewhat US-centric…

  • The Technology Source:

    The purpose of The Technology Source, a peer-reviewed bimonthly periodical, is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing educational organizations.

  • Australian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET)

    AJET is a refereed journal publishing research and review articles in educational technology, instructional design, educational applications of computer technologies, educational telecommunications and related areas.

  • AAHE Bulletin:

    AAHE’s monthly newsletter, offering interviews, special reports, and practical how-to articles.

  • First Monday:

    … one of the first peer-reviewed journals on the Internet, about the Internet. First Monday expands the frontiers of academic publishing by combining the traditional values of peer review with publication on the World Wide Web. First Monday publishes original articles about the Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure.

  • T.H.E. Journal

    T.H.E. (Technological Horizons in Education) is a privately held publishing and services company based in Tustin, Calif. T.H.E. Journal welcomes submissions of articles from educators involved in integrating technology on their campuses and into their curricula.

  • Red Rock Eater (RRE) Digest:

    The RRE News Service is essentially a mailing list with contributions organized/selected/moderated by Phil Agre. Topics usually concern the social and political — including educational — aspects of computing and networking. Try searching on “higher education”. [BMcM]

  • British Education Index:

    The British Education Index (BEI) is an authoritative index to the contents of 300 education and training journals published in the British Isles, together with certain internationally published periodicals, and is expanding to cover national report and conference literature in the field. The BEI is produced by a self-financing unit in Leeds University Library.

  • General Educational Journals Listing (at DeLiberations)


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