Engaging students in research and inquiry, 25 November 2010

Engaging students in research and inquiry

Professor Mick Healey

Date: 25 November 2010
Time: 10am to 1pm
Location: Room 0.54, School of Nursing in Trinity College Dublin


We need to encourage universities and colleges to explore new models of curriculum. … There are several models that we might explore. They should all: … Incorporate research-based study for undergraduates

— Paul Ramsden (2008)

Postgraduate study is too late to start; research attributes need to be integrated fully into undergraduate courses

— Ian Diamond (2010)

The argument of this session can be simply stated: all undergraduate students in all higher education institutions should experience learning through and about research. My interest in developing students as researchers originated through explorations over the last few years into ways to enhance the linkage between teaching and discipline-based research. The conclusion to arise from that work is that one of the most effective ways to do this is to engage our students in research and inquiry; in other words, to see them as producers not just consumers of knowledge. Many undergraduate research programmes are for selected students and may well be outside the formal curriculum, e.g. in summer enrichment programmes. However, here it is suggested that the key to mainstreaming undergraduate research and inquiry is to integrate it into the curriculum. The session will explore the variety of ways in which undergraduate research and inquiry based learning are undertaken using numerous mini-case studies from different disciplines and departments, particulary those in the arts and social sciences, in Australasia, the UK, mainland Europe, and North America. There will be an opportunity to plan how departments may integrate student research and inquiry into the curriculum.

About the Speaker

Mick Healey is a HE Consultant and Researcher and Emeritus Professor at the University of Gloucestershire, UK. Until 2010 he was Director of the Centre for Active Learning, a nationally funded Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Gloucestershire, UK. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland and a Visiting Professor at Edinburgh Napier University and at University of Wales, Newport. He was one of the first people in the UK to be awarded a National Teaching Fellowship and to be made a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Mick is an experienced presenter. Since 1995 he has given over 300 educational workshops, seminars and conference presentations, including ones at ANU, Auckland, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Leiden, Lund, McGill, National University of Singapore, Oxford, Queensland, University of British Columbia, Utrecht and Vienna. He has written and edited around 150 papers, chapters, books and guides on various aspects of teaching and learning in higher education. He is often asked to act as an advisor to projects, universities and national governments on aspects of teaching and learning in HE. For example, he has advised the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, the Canadian Federal government, the Higher Education Authority for Ireland and the League of European Research Universities on research-based teaching and learning. In 2006 he was HERDSA Visiting Fellow in New Zealand; in 2008 he was the keynote speaker at the launches of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council’s project `Achieving Teaching Research Connections’ in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the (Irish) National Academy for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning.


To register for this event, please email linda.king@aishe.org, using Engaging students in research and inquiry. Please advise when registering if you have any dietary requirements. There is no fee to attend this workshop.

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