Call for Proposals (AISHE/LIN/SLL eBook) & Call for Abstracts (LIN/SLL National Symposium)

ebookCall for proposals for an AISHE/LIN/SLL eBook ‘The impact of accredited professional development on assessment of, for and as, learning’.

Call for abstracts | Learning Innovation Network/Student-Led Learning National Symposium 2016

Date of Symposium: 27 October 2016
Venue: Ashling Hotel, Parkgate St. Dublin 8, Ireland

1. ‘The impact of accredited professional development on assessment of, for and as, learning’.

Proposals are invited for an edited collection focused on the impact of work, on assessment or feedback, undertaken in the course of accredited professional development programmes in learning and teaching in Ireland (north and south). This volume will explore the different ways in which this work impacts on individuals, students, curricula and organisations and the ways in which we can identify and understand this impact.

This collection will be edited by AISHE/LIN/SLL as part of a collaboration funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education under 2016 Network Funding and will be published by AISHE.  The proposed collection focuses directly on the National Forum’s enhancement theme ‘Assessment of, for and as, learning’; contributions should reflect and explore this focus.

Proposals should be

  • Concerned with assessment and/or feedback.
  • Based on work/activities/outputs undertaken as part of an accredited professional development programme or module in Ireland (north or south). This might be a single module, a certificate, an MA or a PhD programme. We are keen to reflect the diversity of accredited professional development in Ireland.
  • Focused on Higher Education or the transition to Higher Education.
  • Able to demonstrate that this work has had impact.
  • Made using the template outlined in the ‘Guide to Authors’ at and approximately 600 words in length.

Exploring the impact of these programmes is the central theme of this collection and proposals should reflect this.  We are not seeking descriptions of initiatives, however excellent. We are looking for thoughtful interrogations of the impact of such initiatives and the ways in which we can know this. Analyses of impact might focus on individual practice, the learning environment, the student experience, curriculum design, policy and practice, organisational change, developing scholarship or any combinations of these.  We are particularly interested in cases where the work has been developed significantly over time and/or acted as a catalyst for some kind of positive change. Contributors will be invited to present their work to the LIN/SLL symposium ‘Assessment of, for and as, Learning’ in October.

Closing date for proposals for AISHE-eBook

1st June 2016 to

To submit a proposal for the AISHE-eBook

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account / login by entering your email, name and a password
  3. Click submit ‘Paper – AISHE Publication only
  4. Follow the steps as prompted – please ensure that you follow the topic which relates to the level at which the work was undertaken (i.e. specialist module, general module, certificate, diploma, etc.)
  5. Proposal: 600 words

If you wish to discuss a potential contribution informally, please contact Moira Maguire ( or Nuala Harding (

2. LIN/SLL SYMPOSIUM – 27th October 2016 | Aisling Hotel, Dublin

Symposium Title: ‘Assessment of, for and as, Learning’

Submission of abstracts for showcases at the symposium accepted at for inclusion as a showcase under one of the following topics:

  • Student-Led Learning Showcases
  • Effective Assessment Showcases

To submit an abstract for the Symposium (showcases only)

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account / login by entering your email, name and a password
  3. Click submit ‘Showcase – Symposium only
  4. Follow the steps as prompted
  5. Abstract: 600 words


Key Dates

29th April 2016
Call for abstracts  –

1st June 2016
Closing date for proposal submissions for AISHE–eBook

20th June 2016
Closing date for abstract submissions for Symposium Showcases

1st July 2016
Notification of Outcome for AISHE- eBook

27th October 2016
LIN/SLL National Symposium 2016, Aisling Hotel, Dublin

30th October 2016
Final submission for AISHE–eBook

January 2017
Publication of AISHE-eBook

For further information contact:

Moira Maguire (AISHE)

Martin Fitzgerald (LIN)

Carina Ginty (SLL)

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