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An excerpt from the Introduction to Volume 8, Number 3

The current issue of AISHE-J was conceived as an opportunity for colleagues across the higher education community to share their responses, individual and collective, to the National Forum for Teaching and Learning’s work on the theme assessment of, for and as learning. In producing an issue themed around the issue of assessment in its many forms and educational contexts, we at AISHE-J are signaling our own appreciation of the importance of the theme. The result is an issue that explores the theme through reflection on practice, research into particular aspects and offers models for innovation. The theme of assessment for learning, with timely feedback designed to promote engagement with learning, is particularly strongly emphasized in the issue. Our contributors have investigated the benefits of technology and engagement with peers in providing feedback that enhances learning. There is a strong concern that assessment should assist the student to effectively across the whole programme, rather than in multiple isolated modules.

In itself, this issue indicates an ongoing and comprehensive debate about the theme.
Moreover, based on the work that is in process, of which we are aware, but which is not yet at the stage for reporting, we believe that the theme will continue to give rise to a lively and useful debate in the coming year and we hope that AISHE-J will be able to bring you further reflections in forthcoming issues. In addition, AISHE, in collaboration with the learning Innovation Network (LIN) will be bring out a book on the impact of accredited professional development on assessment in the early part of 2017. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National forum for this work (and for this issue?) with funding support from the National Forum.

We would like to record our thanks to all those who have contributed to the issue, as authors, reviewers, and editors in their various roles. To our readers, we hope that you will find the issue informative and enjoyable. We would also like to encourage you to consider  submitting your work to the journal and, if you would be prepared to devote some time to the ongoing work of AISHE-J, to register as a peer reviewer in your area of expertise.
As we have been reading through the contributions for this issue, one of the most gratifying aspects is the level of commitment demonstrated to the student by all authors. There is a lively sense of student-centred approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in the educational contexts of the papers presented here. On that satisfying note, it gives us great pleasure to bring you the Volume 8 Number 3, Autumn 2016 issue of AISHE-J.

The AISHE-J Editorial Team

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