AISHE Senior Fellows

Purpose of the AISHE Senior Fellows Award

The purpose of awarding the title of AISHE Senior Fellow is to recognise and celebrate individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of higher education and to the advancement of the aims of AISHE including:

  • To enhance members capabilities in leading and supporting educational change, development and provision;
  • To assist the professional development of the broader academic community across the higher education sector;
  • To support creativity and showcase best practice so as to enhance the quality of students’ educational experiences;
  • To promote scholarship, professionalism, ethical practice, diversity and inclusivity in higher education; and
  • To encourage the development of a greater understanding of the learning, teaching and research functions and synergies.
  • Recipients of this award are considered to be role models to colleagues working in higher education across the island of Ireland.
  • There are 12 members on the Board.
  • All Nominees must be proposed by a current member of the Board and seconded by a current or former member of the Board.
  • A minimum of three quarters (9) current members of the Board must approve the Nomination for the Award to be bestowed on the Nominee.
  • There will be a minimum of one and a maximum of three Nominees per year, unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • Nominations will normally be considered at the August Board Meeting and Announced at the Conference.
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